Lakers Life


The Lightbox invited Lakers Youth Centre to work on a project of their choosing. The youth group decided that they would like to make a sculpture that related to young people.

The result was a series of workshops with sculptor, Jono Retallick and George Otto from Woking Society of Arts, co-ordinated by Rib Davis, Special Projects Manager at The Lightbox. The final piece is a sculpture of two young people sat on a bench, looking at a phone and a tablet which shows the distance created by the technology that they communicate through.


One thought on “Lakers Life

  1. sandiebolger

    Creating Lakers Life was an amazing and educational experience for both the youth workers and young people of Lakers Youth Centre. Over the three months we worked with Jono and George we all learnt so much about putting the sculpture together. From weights and measures to mixing the correct consistency of plaster and seeing the sculpture come to life and grow week by week.

    Several of the young people involved carried out and received accreditation for their hard work and commitment to the project.

    The partnership work with the Light Box as been an extremely positive experience and has opened up doors for young people to access where they probably would not have gone.

    A truly worthwhile and fantastic project with two great artists and all the staff involved at the Light Box, thank you for the opportunity on behalf of everyone at Lakers Youth Centre.

    Sandie Bolger
    Youth and Community Worker
    Lakers Youth Centre


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